Are Timeshare Vacations Still a Good Idea in the 21st Century?

Have you ever wondered if a timeshare would be a good investment for you? Don’t quite understand what timeshare vacations are all about though? Then you are not alone. Although not as popular as they once were, thanks to a weaker economy timeshare vacations are still a viable alternative to a traditional vacation. Here are some of the basic facts about timeshare vacations to help you decide if they are an idea that makes sense for you.

Types of Timeshares and Timeshare Vacations

These days there are two basic types of timeshares that one can purchase. The more traditional type of timeshare allows you to purchase a specific block of time at a certain resort at the same time every year. In addition to the upfront purchase fee owners of a traditional timeshare also have annual maintenance fees that have to be paid every year.

A growing number of timeshares operate rather differently. A “points based” timeshare basically allows an owner a certain number of “points” every year that can be applied to a vacation in one of many different locations and at almost any time of year. Annual fees apply to this type of timeshare as well.

Benefits of Timeshare Vacations

Most people plan to take at least one vacation every year. The quality of the average timeshare vacation destination often rivals that of the finest hotels and amenities may often include golf, special children’s activities, exercise facilities and access to fine dining restaurants.

Even if you purchase  a more traditional timeshare vacation package there is usually an option available which allows you to trade your time at the specific resort where you usually stay to visit somewhere else. If you like to travel a lot though a points based timeshare may be a better option for you to explore.

Why do Timeshare Vacations Get a Bad Rap?

Timeshares often get a rather bad rap, one that often these days is rather undeserved. Years ago, when the timesharing concept first began to get hot, the industry was beset with a number of problems. There were a number of timeshare vacations that were offered at some rather questionable facilities and trading a timeshare week to go somewhere else was rather difficult.

Some in the  timeshare industry were also known for their  high pressure sales techniques, which saw some people talked into purchasing timeshare vacations without really understanding what it Was they were actually buying.

Various new regulations imposed by the government and a great deal of self regulation within the timeshare industry itself have changed many of the negatives that surrounded timeshare vacations and timeshare ownership for better though. There are more timeshare ownership opportunities available that are very flexible and offer far more variety than they ever did before.

If you take the time to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before you ever sign or commit to pay for a thing there are indeed some timeshare vacations and timeshare purchase options that are well worth considering. Just remember that a timeshare is a rel estate transaction of sorts and if you treat the purchase of one with the same gravity as you would the purchase of a full time home you should be OK.

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